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Established in 2008. Our clients include main dealers such as Ford, PugeotIsuzu, John Deere. NHS, MOD, Rolls Royce, Porche, Lotus, Landrover and other specialists. Racing and track days such as 6th gear experienceUltima and loads of owner workshops.

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Because of our workload we only work on appointment.

Office hours 9 - 4:30 Monday to Friday


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.We mainly do installations, service and training.

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Some of our recent installations

What our client say:

Hi Piet

Thanks for a great job and making the lift fit into my small garage.

Will be in contact soon when i open the next place.



Good Morning Piet

Thank you once again for a great job and the nice chat. I will recommend you to all my friends at the club. I'm still not happy about you having to sleep over in a layby, please use one of our rooms in the guest house next time you're in the area.

Kind Regards


Hi Piet

I don't know how you do it, amazing buddy. Will see you soon to install my next ramp.

Cheers bud


CJ Autos

Hi Piet

Thanks for all your help.

Bloody great service!

Best regards


Hi Piet

Hope all is well, sorry I havnt been in touch earlier, if you remember, you fitted my lift in Minehead on a very cold day in early Dec.

Well the garage build didn’t get finished till early feb with the weather hold ups, and the lift has been in use since. I have attached some pics of 2 cars on the lift, one being my much loved turbo. It lifted the Range rover as well, I am so pleased thanks very much.

Be in touch later in the year for the lift service when you are down this way.

Many thanks Piet for you excellent service and advice,

All the best


Hey Piet,

Sorry I missed you on Thursday I thought I would of been back before you left,Thank you for your professional service regarding the supply and installation of our lift,it was good to meet you.

I will recommend your service to anyone the product is excellent.

Cheers Mark

Hi Piet.

Not all of the photos I took are worth putting on your web-site, because of the poor lighting in the workshop.
Hope that what I've attached may be of some use to you.

Thanks for all of your hard work last night.
I know that Dave appreciated it immensely.
He had his first customer on the lift this morning. [he was like a dog with two tails :-D]

[Dave's dad] 

Dear Piet.

Hope you are well.

Thanks so much for coming out and repairing our lift last week after-hours. you saved us and our reputation to give the customer back his car on the day we promised it.

Have a nice holiday (i think you deserve one!)

Best Regards

Robert (Woodhill Garage

Project Title


The primary objective for any business is to produce profits. It is our believe that by regular servicing and correct use of your equipment you will save time and money by reducing breakdowns. This will lead to increased production, thereby increasing profits.

Our planned maintenance service is aimed at reducing breakdowns and keeping your workshop moving.

You are bound by law to have all lifting equipment serviced and certified. Some at 6 month intervals and some annually. Why not combine that with the service?

We do not rush our jobs just because you may need the paperwork. If you book a service through us you can be assured that the service will be done to the highest standard.

We use carefully designed checklists and will hand you a full report once our job is done.

An example of our 2 post service sheet can be seen in this PDF file


Project Title


There have been over 7000 injuries and 33 deaths in the motor vehicle repair (MVR) industry over the last 5 years.

It is impotrant that your employees are well aware of the dangers of the equipment they use.

Training in the safe use of garage equipment can and will prevent accidents from happening.

We deal with different workshops every day and in most cases the employees and owners don't know the safe and correct way to use equipment, this include lifts and ramps. We all know how to use it, push the button it goes up, push that button or lever and it will come down. Fair enough until there is an accident.


What if one of your workshop employees have an accident ?

Did they have official training for all the equipment they use ?

What if you get sued because of an accident ? Did you provide the necessary training?

Does your employees use pre-use checklists to ensure the equipment they use are safe, legal and comply with standards ?

Working with any type of tools is dangerous. You, or your employees could be seriously injured or even die because of accidents and improper, or no training at all.

After discussions with the HSE we are now ready to offer training courses in all aspects of safe workshop practice. These courses are on site and are certified. We are currently developing an online course and hope to launch it by middle 2019

Depending on the amount of courses you enter into course times vary from 1 to 8 hours.

We do safety training the practical way, we don't teach people anything they already know and don't do. We teach them to respect the tools they work for and realize the dangers by using them.

Our aim with these courses is not to "talk Health and Safety " but to make sure everyone work as safe as possible.

Please Contact Us for more information.




We cover the whole of the U.K.


New and Used


AS-4T36 Parking lift






Tyre changing machine

Delivered and assembled



  • Swing arm / semi automatic style

  • 10” – 20” rim clamping

  • Inflation gauge included

  • Tyre lever included

  • 240v single phase




Toolbox with tools



  • Steel and ABS construction with powder coat paint finish

  • Lockable smooth running draw slides

  • Steerable wheels with break

  • 220pcs Tool kit included


  • Tool Cabinet 965mm H x 470mm D x 670mm W

  • 5  Draws 545mm W x 390mm D x 60mm H

  • 2  Draws 545mm W x 390mm D x 120mm H

  • 220 Piece tool set

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We aim to answer all e mails within 24 hours

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Weston Coyney,
Stoke on Trent ST3 6EJ





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