There have been over 7000 injuries and 33 deaths in the motor vehicle repair (MVR) industry over the last 5 years.

It is impotrant that your employees are well aware of the dangers of the equipment they use.

Training in the safe use of garage equipment can and will prevent accidents from happening.

We deal with different workshops every day and in most cases the employees and owners don't know the safe and correct way to use equipment, this include lifts and ramps. We all know how to use it, push the button it goes up, push that button or lever and it will come down. Fair enough until there is an accident.


What if one of your workshop employees have an accident ?

Did they have official training for all the equipment they use ?

What if you get sued because of an accident ? Did you provide the necessary training?

Does your employees use pre-use checklists to ensure the equipment they use are safe, legal and comply with standards ?

Working with any type of tools is dangerous. You, or your employees could be seriously injured or even die because of accidents and improper, or no training at all.

After discussions with the HSE we are now ready to offer training courses in all aspects of safe workshop practice. These courses are on site and are certified. We are currently developing an online course and hope to launce it by middle 2017

Depending on the amount of courses you enter into course times vary from 1 to 8 hours.

We do safety training the practical way, we don't teach people anything they already know and don't do. We teach them to respect the tools they work for and realize the dangers by using them.

Our aim with these courses is not to "talk Health and Safety " but to make sure everyone work as safe as possible.

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